It’s a man’s world

As the Euro competition began in France, it is time to get your national shirt from your closet and support your national team, whether you are a man or a woman. On the field, it’s a man’s world. The women are seen a bit in the stadiums, but it is fairly common to assume that they will go to the movies while their partner will be drinking (probably too much) beers with his friends.

As long as it remains friendly and fun, I don’t have a problem with that. As usual, it is when people take themselves seriously that it is not fun anymore. I have to admit that I always hated competition myself. If you were like me one of the last ones to be picked for team in sport class at school, you probably understand better. I can get the fascination for Euro or the World Cup though.

The problem is when people like you and me think they are in the World Cup when they are just playing with colleagues in indoor facilities. A football game was organised after work which was pretty cool. All was going well until a female colleague wanted to join. She is fit, play in a handball team and nobody said it was a “men only” game. Well until one of guys tried everything he could to prevent the woman to play. He invoked insurance issue, that she did not sign up in advance etc. The male collleague who reported the story to me did not understand what was going on at first, surely she could join the game despite insurance issue he thought. Then he realised what was the real reason. The guy simply did not want a girl in his team, just because she was a woman.

She played. And she played well.

She had to fight and be supported by other smart men to join a friendly game between colleagues. How sad is that? The one who reported to me said “I have a baby daughter, I don’t want her to grow up in a world with men like him”. Well said.




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