The new face of the $20 bill

The discussions had been going on for months. Due to its “young” history, the passion about Dollar bills are always passionate in the US. So far it is mainly old white men, so the occasion to change the 20 dollar bill was too good not to put a fresh and unusual face. Harriet Tubman, a civil right activist was picked and it enlightens a side of American history that we tend to forget, or at least on very official documents like a Dollar bill.

The result is great for two reasons: chosing a black woman illustrates the lack of representativity of both women and black people in general. Harriet Tubman is both. She was a hero who helped freeing fellow slaves who escaped to the north. It is a great step for the country, not just as a symbol but much more.

Like everything else, it is easier to pick a man (mostly white) to represent or illustrate a topic. They are more accessible, more willing to step up and more importantly were always there in front. Look at history books and it will be hard to see any women. Different times, but surely women were also part of history as well.
If we keep on like this, women won’t have role model or hero to be inspired by and will continue to stay behind. It had been 100 years since a woman had been on a Dollar bill. A century. A little too long when you realise that women are representing half of the population. The legacy of Harriet Tubman is a great deal, and we can only be glad that picking a woman was the only way to go. In 2016 it was about time that we celebrate that major achievement, hopefully in a few decades (time goes slowly for feminists!) having a woman as a major figure won’t be a suprise, or something to write an article about.
After all, the country might have a woman as its next president!


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