Sharing the load

An ad for a washing powder in India had made it far from its original target viewers. Some brand had grasped the concept that fighting against the stereotypes could be good for their image. Over generations, advertisement has often reflected society the way we see it, and the way it should be seen. If you ever see a gay couple on tv, and it starts to be the case, that means that society has endorsed gay couple as the norm.

So what do we learn in this ad? Laundry is one of the big symbols of home chores, the one that women have to take care of, on top of a long list of responsabilities. This old man watches his daughter taking care of everything after a long day at the office. The husband is seen in a corner, enjoying his cup of tea, in front of his computer, probably relaxing while his wife is running around, answering the phone, putting a laundry on and preparing the dinner for the family. The ad takes place in India, but it clearly could happen anywhere in the western world as well.

The old man realises that his daughter has seen all through her childhood the same example: mummy doing all the chores and daddy just relaxing at home. Growing up, men and women accept those roles without even realising it. It passes from generation to generation and for a long time advertising helped promoting those stereotypes. Now an equal world start with little things like sharing the house chores like doing the laundry. It can look ridiculous but if little boys and girls can watch their dads doing their share while they grow up, it will give more oportunities for girls as they become women.

An equal world starts at home.


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