The refugee puzzle

The war in Syria has torn all the region apart, and as the refugees have flown massively to Europe, the old continent is dealing with great difficulty that new challenge. Angela Merkel has been very brave so far, she saw in the refugees an opportunity for the country to fulfill a large number of jobs that German people would not want to do, and to compensate a very low fertility rate. Germans are dying and they’re not having enough babies, that’s a fact. So even if Angela Merkel was not driven by selflessness, Germany remains the only country -with maybe Sweden- that agreed to welcome its more than fair share of refugees.

It’s been months now that European countries are fighting to get the less possible number of refugees, because they’re too afraid to upset their voters. And while countries like France are being picky for a few hundreds families, that Hungary is finishing to build a wall on its border, the smugglers in Turkey are still making a fortune on the back of people fleeing from the war. Greece and Italy are taking the burden of sorting the people arriving on their shores. Mediterranean sea has become a cemetery for those who wanted to live peacefully in Europe.

NGO’s had to step in. Organisation like Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) had to put a few ships into the sea and work to save migrants from drowning on their frail boats. That’s not their primary job. Their mission is to give medical assistance to people suffering from the war, from natural disasters. The situation is so bad that they can’t even work properly in Syria as their hospital has been bombarded recently. Outside Syria, the situation is not much better for the refugees.

Organisations like MSF already pleaded for a secure gateway for refugees

The “Hotspots” in Italy and Greece to filter migrants  do not require the minimum standards regarding health and safety. While Europe is debating on whether they should welcome refugees and how many, the path to freedom and peace is becoming more and more long and dangerous for people who lost everything. Organisations like MSF already pleaded for a secure gateway for refugees which would have many advantages.
Filtering the migrants before coming to Europe and then bringing them safely to several parts of Europe would let European Union lead in the matter, instead of undergoing that constant wave. That would also cut the juicy business of the smugglers. If the refugees don’t need to give away all of their savings to get to Germany, they will still have money to count on when they start their lives again in Europe. They will be in a much better shape and health if they did not have to get through such a long way in the cold, the rain, without much water or food. On the long run it would be wiser and cheaper for Europe. Not to even mention the human rights that some countries are clearly not respecting.

NGO’s should not be there to take over rich countries action, and I’m afraid that it will soon be summer again when the Mediterrean sea will be the last journey for too many people.


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