For the child’s sake

History books showed us that in every period of crisis, our reflex is to isolate ourselves and blame other communities. In Spain, Catalonia is trying to be independent from the rest of Spain, Scotland is running a referendum soon to separate from UK. Norway has now two deputies from the far right movement to check on foreigners. There is always somebody different, somebody who will be suspicious and blamed to take advantage and steal the wealth that us, locals, are entitled to enjoy and not share.

It has been a couple of years now that an ethnical group is systematically discriminated all over Europe: Roma. I am not trying to argue over their genuine will to “integrate” in the country they end up in. They are chased from Roumania and Bulgaria and live all over Europe now.

Two stories are making the news. A little blond girl was found in Greece. She was growing up so far in a Roma family but she doesn’t look like her parents. Suspicious. The tests are being run to see if her parents are their actual biological parents. But, and it is maybe a weird coincidence, the same thing happened in Ireland. A child was taken away from his family because he was allegedly not looking like his parents. The family is Roma. Another coincidence? I don’t think so. While the child was taken away and the family shocked by this decision, DNA tests were done. And they proved the parents are the biological parents of the child, no doubt about it anymore. So why has the child be taken away from his family? Was he in danger? Was he badly treated by his family? Even if there was legitimate concern about that child, which I doubt, running the tests and monitoring the family would have been largely enough. Taking away a child from his parents should be a last resort. Not based on a mere assumption.

The Irish authorities already apologized, saying that it was about the child, only the child’s sake. Nothing to do about the fact that it was a Roma family…


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