Love is love

Ding dong, DOMA is dead.
The Supreme court of USA had decided that marriage was not necessarily the union between a man and a woman. That gay couple can have the same rights as the other married couple in the states where gay unions are legal. It seems that California will authorized gay marriage again, when their opponent wanted with the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) to implement an heterosexual vision of marriage. But they were wrong and the Supreme court agreed that it’s a discrimination that can’t be tolerated anymore.

Gay people are a minority, and the fact that they can get married won’t change that. Heterosexuals will go on getting married and having children if they want, the different religions will go on admitting only certain kind of unions. But church and state are separated, which is clearly seen through the gay marriage, a civil union.

Gay marriage won’t change my life, even less my daily life. I just feel more comfortable in a society that doesn’t reject people’s difference, as long as it doesn’t disturb the freedom of other people. We’ll see how it evolves in the USA, if more than 13 states will be brave enough to get there. Otherwise it will end with “gay” and “straight” states. And that’s not what is needed, more ghettos. It sounds probably ideal, but gay and straight people should live peacefully, like it’s already actually the case.  

It’s coming soon in european countries like UK and Luxembourg. In France it just passed in a incredible chaos. Massive demonstrations (French love that) were organized in the streets, against the politic of a president who is unable to fight the economic crisis. It also revelead a deep opposition of any change in the french society. Like it was enough unstable, that the gay marriage was questioning what remained still so far. A lot of things need to evolve and change though. And for the best.

In a couple of generations we will all forget about that, the opposition, the civil servants refusing to marry a same-sex couple. We’ll see that as old-fashioned and obsolete as apartheid, when black and white people were not equals. Now gay people just want to be treated as equal. No doubt that we are not quite here yet. But what just happened in the USA is a big step. In the right direction.


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