The Real Gattaca

One of my favourite movies of the 90’s is “Gattaca”. It’s set in a “near” future where parents can select their offsprings through a catalogue. “It’s still you, but it’s the best of you” says the doctor.

The fiction has become reality. Parents with genetic condition can now select their embryos to make sure their babies will be perfectly healthy. It’s a revolution. Parents can now enjoy serenely the pregnancy and spare themselves an awful experience of giving birth to a sick child who will die at a young age. This is what science can do. But where are the limits? It seems like in the movie, science can offer to select your perfect child. The only limit so far is ethic.
Because if science can do good, we have to be very careful about that wonderful tool. Having a healthy child is one thing, determinism is one step away. What a uniformed, sterilized world would it be if we could choose the way our children look. No more red heads, no more freckels, no more left handed people because difference will no longer be acceptable.

Fortunately that world doesn’t exist yet. A debate on ethics about the limits of science is needed. So we can still play god, but let us leave to chance for what should remain the beauty of the uncertainty of life.


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